The "Bury Your Gays" Trope

Humans are storytellers. From the beginning we’ve all been telling stories to each other, whether through oral storytelling around the fire, written in a book, or shown in a movie.

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Packaging Mental Health With Fame

Hoopla everybody! Fame does a lot to a person, it changes them in unknowable ways. It’s like when you start a new job...

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“Where is the next Friday the 13th film?”

Long story short (thus far) is that the judge granted Victor Miller copyright and ownership of everything in the script for the first movie in the United States ONLY.

Intersexuality in the ‘Alien’ Franchise

Ridley Scott’s Alien is the best sci-fi-horror flick out there. It has all the trappings of a slasher except it’s set in space. 

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