“We are Drive-In Mutants, we are not like other people.”

A Letter of Appreciation from @Bloody_Bethy

I have been an adamant Joe Bob Briggs fan since I can remember. There was something special about him that resonated with me and it has never swayed. I remember over the years watching Drive-In Theater and MonsterVision and just being captivated and entertained by one Joseph Robert Briggs week after week by his humor, charm, and incredible knowledge of the horror genre. As a young mostly anti-social girl with a deep love of horror, he was my idol. And now as a mid-30’s no longer anti-social woman with a deep love of horror, he still is.

When I found out about the campaign to help get Joe Bob on Shudder, I had to make a video. My video ended up being used for the “testimonials” section for the 24 hour marathon. What I love the most about The Last Drive-In is the sense of community that comes with it. We as a #MutantFam helped create this (in our own small way) and it’s what connects us. I’ve met so many people over The Last Drive-In and Joe Bob, it’s amazing. it’s a comfort to know there are so many like minded drive-in mutants out and we are able to connect with one another via social media. And Darcy is so connected to the fans as well, her dedication and commitment to the show and to all of us is outstanding and she is such a sweetheart.

I work for a horror convention here in Sacramento, CA and I was fortunate to be Joe Bob’s handler for one of our conventions. To say the experience was incredible is an understatement. He was so sweet, kind, and approachable. he loves his fans and it shows. I’m a local stage and film actress and the host for our local horror film festival so it was wonderful to just get to sit with him for hours and talk about his career and his life, and he asked me about mine and was genuinely interested. It was an experience most fans wouldn’t typically get and I am forever grateful.

Everyone I’ve met or talked to over the past few years in the Joe Bob fandom have been some of the nicest and warmest people I’ve come across and I’m so thankful to be a part of the #MutantFam.

“We are Drive-In Mutants, we are not like other people.” Nope. We’re better.

- @Bloody_Bethy

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