#TheLastDriveIn Trends #1 on Twitter!

Last night was the season 2 premiere of The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs on Shudder. Early in the evening during the countdown Shudder GM Craig Engler joked with the #MutantFam that #TheLastDriveIn wasn't trending yet, to which we said, "hold my beer" and got to work.

Throughout the night he kept us up to date on where #TheLastDriveIn and subsequently #MutantFam were trending. We went from not trending to ranking at #5 within a matter of minutes and slowly climbed the leaderboard all night long.

It was easy for us to have a ton of stuff to Tweet about as last nights episode was jam packed with quotable moments and "did you see that?!" TV. First off Joe Bob didn't waste any time at the beginning of the first half to announce the film was Chopping Mall.

That got folks immediately a buzz about who the guest would be and we were all extremely excited to see it was Kelli Maroney who plays Alison Parks in the flick. Without a doubt the highlight of their conversation was when Kelli and Joe Bob couldn't come to terms on if a cameltoe does indeed look like a camels toe.

As the night went on we were honored with multiple cosplay costume changes from the one and only Darcy the Mail Girl who eagerly spent the entire day and evening tweeting with the #MutantFam. We all have Darcy to thank for her concentrated effort at getting Chris Jericho on the show by going to wrestling events and holding signs up hoping he would see, that is another level of dedication most of us will never understand.

Many of us were excited to see who would receive The Last Drive-In Silver Bolo Award! The lucky recipient of the award this time around is a Washington D.C. based horror host named Count Gore de Vol who lays claim to being the FIRST Horror Host of the Internet which can be proven by the layout of his website which can be found at

Of course the big event of the night was Chris Jericho co-hosting the Troma flick Bloodsucking Freaks. The little tidbit had leaked earlier in the week to folks who were watching along on social media but none the less it was exciting to see come to fruition. Seeing Darcy and Jericho sitting next to each other after her hard work to get him on the show was another highlight of the night.

Chris Jericho was a thoughtful and informed member of the crew last night. His love for the film shined through and his disdain for PC culture was also clear as day. Publicly proclaiming that a movie about caged nekkid cannibal women is your favorite flick of all time might be something folks who are more worried about their public image would avoid.

But not Jericho, he is super proud of it! So proud that him and Drive-In theme song composer John Brennan made an entire song about the movie. You can watch Bloodsucking Freak below and purchase a vinyl copy at Ship to Shore. This song is super catchy, I already have my vinyl on the way.

It was as the episode was coming to an end, it was just past 3am EST and I guess other folks around the world were falling asleep because one last check and low and behold #TheLastDriveIn is trending at NUMBER 1. Jericho seems to have confused the Twitter bots in to thinking it is a wrestling thing, but either way, #TheLastDriveIn and #MutantFam were the most popular thing in America last night! Congratulations to us all!

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