Psycho Ape: The totally bananas, no budget, gore-illa exploitation movie...

... that everyone said could easily be made!

Psycho Ape started as a Kickstarter project by Addison Binek, creator of Tromasterpiece Theatre and Movies to Watch on a Rainy Afternoon, and Greg DeLiso, director of Hectic Knife.

173 backers pledged $7,205 and the filmmakers took that budget and made absolute magic with it. After having viewed a screener of the film, I can say with absolute certainty that these mother fuckers delivered what they promised.

To say it is a a comedy/horror movie done in the style of a low budget Troma/Roger Corman/Grindhouse production is just scratching the surface of what Psycho Ape is. This movie is a psychedelic trip down Ape movie and horror trope nirvana.

When they promised that it will be an Airplane!/Mel Brooks-esque spoof of John Carpenter's Halloween, King Kong, and John Landis' Schlock they were not exaggerating and they certainly delivered on that promise.

The love for classic horror was abundant and the absurd dialogue and ridiculous conversations were ... dare I say almost on par with a Kevin Smith film in the pop culture self referential-ness and "I'm hanging out with my friends" feeling they evoked.

The gore was over the top and the crass explosions of shit and blood were done, well, in a classy way somehow. None of the "gross out scenes" felt forced or uncomfortable. They felt right in place with the flick and left me giddy with joy.

This movie was made for cheap, but the budget didn't limit it, rather it made the filmmakers more creative. For instance towards the end they used little plastic army men to recreate a classic Kong scene, and it felt genius as opposed to cheap.

On the Kickstarter page they explain:

"The ape costume itself was purchased for Halloween many years ago, and now it's being used for this movie! In fact, shots of the ape will be used when he moves or turns around that reveal the seam on the back of the costume"

I can't express just how much this movie succeeds in being exactly what it aimed to be. This is not King Kong, this is not Planet of the Apes, this is Psycho Ape and it is an absolute masterpiece in low budget film making.

In talking with Addison Binek I have found a like minded horror movie fanatic who does this for the love of filmmaking and a true respect for the community. He loves what he does and has every right to be proud of his accomplishment.

The movie is available to stream for those who backed the Kickstarter and will be available to purchase on DVD shortly. It will also be streaming for free during #MutantPalooza on November 13th 2020 at 10pm EST.

I cannot recommend this movie enough, come hang out during #MutantPalooza and experience it with the #MutantFam and then as soon as it becomes available on DVD, buy ten copies and give it to your family for Christmas.

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