Ouzo and oddities: the strange world of Severin

by Lilliana Spellman

The nights been long, the smoke hangs about the air of the dingy detectives office as our main lad takes a phone call, this is some deep shit, Varth Dader has arrived and someone needs to stop his nefarious plan, grab a shot of ouzo and get ready to have a great time because "In Deep Shit" is a wonderful schlock film.

Written, directed and featuring only the acting talents of Mr. DITLEV BUSTER, "In Deep Shit" is a passion project with some truly hilarious moments.

With Detective Severin as our narrator we're given a tour through his, unfortunately bad luck riddled, life. As Severin explores the case that's been dropped in his lap he finds himself embroiled in the world of intergalactic style choices and must fight to survive and for what's right.

Speaking about the project Ditlev seemed excited at continuing the series stating "there are a ton of those Severin stories, the problem will be locating them", as for the quirky character Severin himself he is quite enigmatic and repeated watches will reveal small tidbits that at first felt like budget choices, such as the surprising reason for the shower/office hybrid he uses as his base of operations, in an exclusive quote from the man himself I was told I can reveal the shocking madness!!

According to Ditlev,

"Morten Severin really likes Ouzo and suffers from the delusion that he is a Private detective. I based him (very loosely) on if Orson Welles sucked" -Ditlev Buster

Mind. Blown. It seems the shower, the stalking, the odd phone calls and nonsensical baddies are all a part of one man's drunken game of detective!

And I for one cant wait to see what comes next.  

In deep shit

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