My Favorite Old School Horror Flicks and a Glass Bong!

Updated: May 27

A Letter of Appreciation from @boobafett69

What does MutantFam mean to me?

The first few years on Twitter I kind of just wandered aimlessly. Read a few things here and there and that would be it. Sometime during this word was out that Joe Bob was coming back in some form. I used to watch JB back in the day on TNT MonsterVision. There was something special about having someone guide me through my favorite old school horror flicks as I hit my favorite glass bong. Was it the weed? Maybe that played a small part, but it was mostly Joe Bob’s charm. Joe Bob’s return would fill a void that was left since his departure from TNT. Things would be much different this time around.

Enter social media and Kinky Horror, aka Diana Prince, aka Darcy the Mail Girl. Darcy would bring all of JB’s fans together with the hashtags #MutantFam & #TheLastDriveIn. Now instead of watching Joe Bob with my bong, I’m watching with everyone and their bongs! Together we all act like children on a Friday night and make each other laugh as we watch JB dissect not only the movies, but pop culture in general. Fast forward to season 2 and the #MutantFam has grown stronger. has become a community of cooking shows, talented podcasters, artists, YouTubers, live tweeters, and so much more.

There’s nothing like the feeling of getting together with a bunch of friends and doing something that makes so many people happy. The Drive-In will NEVER die as long as the Mutants have anything to say about it.



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