Mutated Children: A New Type of Organisms

A Letter of Appreciation from @KevinMc68331667

What the #MutantFam means to me.

Mutant - noun - a new type of organism produced as a result of mutation.

Mutation - an individual, species, or the like, resulting from such a departure.

Family - a social unit consisting of one or more adults and the children they care for This is precisely what the #MutantFam means to me. We are mutated children, a new type of organisms, in a social unit with 2 adults who care for us - Joe Bob Briggs and Darcy the Mail Girl. We’re brought together by our love of all things horror and some things not horror related but we are defined by that word: Love. It’s a powerful word and becomes even more so when shared as an experience. It allows people from different walks of life, cultures, backgrounds, ethnicities, and (insert any label that separates humans) to join together and share their love in an open, safe, and free’ing environment. The word “free’ing” is notable because for a long time there was a stigma to groups of people like us. I grew up in the early 80’s as a young child who enjoyed Dungeon’s and Dragons, heavy metal, and horror movies. My family lived in Bardstown, KY (top 10 most beautiful small towns in America, as voted in 2015! Shout out to the Bourbon Capitol of the world!). My conservative Christian family didn’t understand my interests and there were always whispers behind my mom’s back, but ultimately they accepted me for who I was…and am. Many of the rest of the community didn’t. It’s a tired, old story of letting prejudices that result from not understanding something and allowing them to dictate irrational responses. That doesn’t happen in the MutantFam though. Its a gia-normous community of totally different people who share a love, and through it connect in love. Its a beautiful and free’ing thing to be accepted as such! The two whom are most deserving of this unadulterated praise are Joe Bob and Darcy. Our Ma and Pa have given us this opportunity and outlet to come together and share fellowship in the hallowed Halls of Horror. They have not only professed this incarnation of love but have lived it as models of acceptance and unmitigated welcoming. Even in the face of diversity within the horror sub-culture they refuse (like wise parents who know their kids will misbehave sometimes) to retaliate against their children.

On the contrary they do their best to explain and teach so that everyone can grow even more in the folds of Drive-In Love.

- @KevinMc68331667

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