Joe Bob Briggs "send me your movie because believe it or not I'm dying to see it"

Last night was AMAZING! Troma's War with Lloyd Kaufman and his wife Pat Kaufman was a treat and One Cut of the Dead with the #MutantFam was extremely special to me. For those of you who didn't make it to the end of the night, Joe Bob Briggs wrapped up last evenings festivities perfectly by explaining:

"We watched a love letter to film making and filmmakers and especially low budget filmmakers. And it's about how that even the corniest under funded concept required a miracle of team work to pull off. It's about what we call our mutant family, the audience and the filmmaker."

As The Last Drive-In was wrapping up JB went on a 5 minute inspirational talk to indie filmmakers. He quickly mentioned that one guy at any given convention who always asks for help making a movie and then goes on to make a ton of excuses why he hasn't already been able to get it done.

Joe Bobs message to "aspiring filmmakers" is simply this "Stop being an aspiring film maker, never again use the word aspiring! When you wake up tomorrow morning and every day after that you're a director. You may do any number of jobs to make money but the first thing you do every day is you plan your writing and your directing and your producing work for that day!"

Numero 2-0 it's not 1970 you don't need a fancy film school. Anything you don't know is on the the internet! Teach yourself the knowledge you need, it's all yours just go get it! Three, there is no Hollywood, the worse thing you could do is move to L.A.! Four, you don't need money, great scripts don't cost anything learn to write one. Cameras and editing software are super cheap and everyone wants to be an actor.

Briggs pulls it all together with a super real and super honest look at what filmmaking is about. It's not all glamour and quick success and there are alot of failures along the way to making even just one successful film. He so eloquently closed the appeal to indie filmmakers by proclaiming:

"Finally be prepared to fall on your face, be prepared to fall on your face over and over again. Be prepared to write a crappy script and then re-write it in to an even crappier script and then re-write it again before you start to discover what's wrong with it. Be prepared to be unprepared, until you figure out how production planning works. Be prepared to fail for a day or a week or a year but don't ever say I'm not a filmmaker. You're a filmmaker, that's what filmmakers do, they fail until they don't.

And then send me your movie because believe it or not I'm dying to see it, we all are, we just didn't know it until you made it!"

To submit your film to Joe Bob Briggs, tweet it to Diana "Darcy the Mail Girl" Prince at @kinky_horror

You can watch the whole video here:

Keep rolling!

- Frank from (@heyahnew)

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