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Bunnula TV: Blood and Candy

by Lilliana Spellman

It’s 1992. Your brain has shut off. It's late. You're flipping channels absent-mindedly when all of a sudden an assault begins on all of your senses. You have just discovered Liquid Television. The wild, screeching, colorful hell you've just found opens your mind to what not only animation, but media, can truly be when unrestrained by the norm. 

It’s 2020. Your brain has shut off. It’s late. You're binging through the endless chatter, gossip, and garbage of YouTube, when you see something...familiar? You click and all too quickly the memory floods back. The feeling of something new but familiar, disgusting but in a beautiful way, the feeling of unrestrained, no holds barred experimental media, and its fucking glorious.


BunnulaTV does the impossible in bringing to life what, by all rights, looks and feels like a cable access show from the early 90s. It has all the zany characters, bizarre storylines (when they exist) and psychedelic imagery that alt media and B movie fans fell in love with (i.e mystery science theater). And much like mst3k, Bunnula doesn't care if you understand it.

The channel itself is broken up into a few different bits, there's the semi episodic adventures, the game play videos, and side projects. The rest are music videos or just music. It’s chaotic as hell, but I wouldn't want it any other way.

The entire Bunnula world drips with aggression, hatred and violence. His first video opens with the titular Bunnula ranting about "tranny chasers", proclaiming his love of "dick blood" and it features a VERY racist Asian character and it's amazing. If you are not a fan of shock humor or sometimes disgusting language then this is not the place for you. Bunnula is not for the faint of heart but that is the core of the channels wonderful sense of humor. They are not afraid to say what THEY think is funny. They don't cater and that is exactly how it should be.

Currently, the different video series are Pussy High, a mini series featuring brain dead students as they rant and rave their way through different situations. Then we have BunnulaTV which features the main cast of characters and their oddball and loosely connected adventures as they fight with each other and the dastardly Kate Middleton.

Next we have the music, and that is a whole beast unto itself.The music is a great place to get lost if you want something that will truly bend your mind featuring truly disturbing, funny and sometimes just weird as fuck lyrics and instrumentals. One choice line from a song titled "Mary Shelly's pissy pussy" reads "monster of Frankenstein, I implore you, rape me with your tongue" which should give you an idea of just how off the wall the songs can get.

Throughout most everything on the channel, the titular Bunnula acts as host, carrying you through each video, giving everything a sense of unity, no matter how disjointed it feels at times. The video quality itself is reminiscent of 90s VHS tapes.  And for what seems to be a one man team, the production values are pretty great. With effects pulled straight out of retro movie making, and subtle nods here and there for the keen observer, Bunnula TV as a whole feels like an art piece, and a visually stunning one at that. Little touches like the ass shake scene from Night of the Demons playing during the end credits of an episode make each video a joy to watch.

There are so many channels working so hard to make money. And in the face of that Bunnula stands tall and screams "cunt!" In this day where good media is so hard to come by, with the mass of so called social justice warriors decrying everything as triggering, sexist or racist, I hope more of us can turn our brains off late at night and just....flip channels.