A Letter of Appreciation to Joe Bob and the #MutantFam from Diana "Darcy the Mail Girl" Prince

Happy #JoeBobDay, fellow #Mutants

I had no friends, no family and was completely isolated from the world aside from an extremely abusive husband starting when I was 15. Joe Bob and Monstervision were my only source of companionship and link to the outside world. (Every Saturday like clockwork, there he was!)

Watching JB and the movies he showed were the only things that ever made me happy during that time (well, aside from late night Skinemax ) & often he was what kept me going, Thinking that one day I would break free from my lil’ prison and be part of that horror world somehow.

Fast forward to now, being actual friends with the dude who was once my imaginary friend, and he’s even more funny/intelligent/kind/inspiring than I ever imagined he was back then. And now I’m in a position to be other people’s friend who, like me back then, might feel very alone for whatever reason, and am able to remind them that they are absolutely not.

There is a big ol’ family of #Mutants out there (a #MutantFam, if you will), made up of freaks, geeks & weirdos that maybe a lot of other folks don’t get, but we fucking do. We are all here to support each other and help prop each other up as we navigate our way through a very fucked up world, enjoying some #BloodBreastsAndBeasts (and #mangleddicks) along the way. We are Drive-In Mutants. We are not like other people. And I wouldn’t have it any other fucking way.

Anyway...That’s what #Monstervision, and now #TheLastDriveIn, means to me. Happy #JoeBobDay, fellow #Mutants. I love each and every one of you, and invite you to take the official #DriveInOath with me.


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