We are Drive-In mutants

We are not like other people

We are sick

We are disgusting

We believe in blood

And breasts 

And beasts

If life had a vomit meter

We’d be off the scale

As long as one Drive-In remains

On the planet earth

We will party like jungle animals 

We will boogey till we puke

The Drive-In will never die

Hey there Mutant Family, welcome to our month-long celebration of all things The Last Drive In!


Here’s the drill: Each day of the month has its own pre-selected episode from both the regular seasons as well as all of the specials. All you have to do is watch The Last Drive In episode and tweet out your thoughts using the hashtags #TheLastDriveIn and #FULY! This will flood the twitter machine with love for the show, Joe Bob, Darcy the Mail Girl and everyone involved in making the show we love! (And show Shudder how much we want more of the show with future seasons and specials!) 


This month is supposed to be fun -- an excuse to watch a movie every day and talk about them with one another. There is no "right" time or way to watch EXCEPT on the days marked with * - those days are special so follow the instructions!


So get the couch ready, prepare those cocktails and snacks and settle in for a July filled with great movies and Cowboy Fu - and thank you for your help in making sure The Last Drive In never dies!


Here is the schedule:

(Note: if any movies drop off the Shudder service for July we will make announcements about substitutions).




07/01 - House of the Devil

07/02 - Maniac

07/03 - Q - The Winged Serpent


07/04 - *MUTANT INDEPENDENCE DAY TWEET ALONG Featuring The Last Drive In “Scare Packages” at 6ET*


07/05 - Castle Freak

07/06 - Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer

07/07 - Mayhem

07/08 - Chopping Mall

07/09 - One Cut of the Dead 

07/10 - Tetsuo: The Iron Man

07/11 - Troma’s War


07/12 -  *OG MARATHON 3RD ANNIVERSARY TWEET ALONG Tourist Trap/Sorority Babes/Blood Feast/Re-Animator/Demons/Hellraiser/Pieces* Starts @ NOON ET - Full Schedule to come!


07/13 - Hellraiser 2

07/14 - Dead Heat 

07/15 - Society

07/16 - Wolf Cop 2

07/17 - Heathers


07/18 - *SECOND HELPING OF JOE BOB*  - Pick your Favorite - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre/The Hills Have Eyes/Blood Rage


07/19 - Deadbeat at Dawn

07/20 - Madman

07/21 - Street Trash

07/22 - The Changeling 

07/23 - Exorcist III

07/24 - Hogzilla


07/25 - *CHRISTMAS IN JULY* - Pick Your Favorite - Phantasm/Phantasm III/Phantasm IV/Phantasm Black Christmas/Jack Frost/Silent Night Deadly Night 2


07/26 - Brain Damage

07/27 - A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

07/28 - Deep Red

07/29 - Blood Sucking Freaks

07/30 - Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night 2


07/31 - *A SWEATY HALLOWEEN - #FridayNightFrights Special TWEET ALONG*

Halloween 1/Halloween 4/Halloween 5

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