We are Drive-In mutants

We are not like other people

We are sick

We are disgusting

We believe in blood

And breasts 

And beasts

If life had a vomit meter

We’d be off the scale

As long as one Drive-In remains

On the planet earth

We will party like jungle animals 

We will boogey till we puke

The Drive-In will never die

Do you have a YouTube channel, Podcast or Blog that covers horror and other drive-in shlock content? 

If so you should join the #MutantFam Affiliate Program!

The details are simple, we are a loose knit group of content creators who cross promote each others material.  

Levels of involvement vary and there are very few requirements on your end.

Some of the ways we cross promote are by creating and airing commercials on YouTube videos and social media feeds.

We also organize group projects and collaborations between creators that help develop shared audiences.

If you are interested in joining the group fill out the form and feel free to tweet at @mutant_fam to start a convo!


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